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Over 20 Years of Experience

I have been a member of BRN since 2003. I have to admit that when I attended my first meeting, I was a bit skeptical and showed up just to get a free breakfast. But I signed up, and soon learned that the structured system of weekly meetings with other dedicated professionals really does work to increase business. I’m paid a commission for business I develop, and thanks to BRN, the commission checks get bigger every year! I learn a lot from my fellow members as well. There’s literally no downside to joining BRN!

Joseph A. Landolina, JD, CPA
Love, Scherle & Bauer, PC
310 Grant Street, Suite 1020
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-2295
Phone (412)281-8270
Fax (412)281-7791

“I have developed both wonderful and fruitful referral sources as well as a created a network of professionals that I can use as an asset for my clients. The people that I have met in BRN have been great colleagues and loyal friends for over ten years.”

Gregory W. Bevington, Esq.
Bootay Bevington & Nichols, LLC

I have been a member of BRN for over 17 years. My largest client was the result of a BRN referral and of course, I have received many other significant referrals as well. Why else would I remain a member for 17 years? Not only do BRN members receive referrals, they also receive valuable business tips from the presentations made by others in their chapter. I highly recommend membership in BRN.

Ron Meledandri
Direct Pay & HR Services

Any skepticism that I may have had initially was overcome by results. Not only is there a continuous stream of business referrals, but the shared experiences of other business professionals are an enumerable value to my business and my clients. It’s like having a personal board of advisors who provide a wealth of knowledge from facing the same challenges that I come across every day.

Philip E. Greene Jr.
Sr. Creative, Expanding Minds LLC